Dickens' Day

The Dickens' Day is a "STUDENT EXCLUSIVE." Only 850 students can take advantage of this opportunity so don't miss out. Your students will arrive while the park is not open to the public and have the opportunity to see our famed Broadway-style production show - A Dickens' Christmas Carol. This private production will be performed with elaborate costuming, dramatic scenery, amazing special effects and an original musical score performed by a remarkable cast of talented professional singers and dancers. Plus, following the performance, get a behind-the-scenes look with an exclusive Q&A session with the cast and producers of the Christmas classic. Afterwards, the park will be open for students to have lunch and enjoy another show, It's a Wonderful Life! There will be English curriculum available for this one-time event. Sign up now to reserve your seats! Offer #5804

Event Schedule

Park closed to the public until 1:00pm

  • Ticket booth open at 10:30am for schools
  • Students need to be at park and tickets in hand at 11:00am
  • Schools will be escorted to the Opera House theater at 11:10am
  • The performance starts promptly at 11:30am
  • Performance over by 12:35pm
  • Q&A with actors 10 minutes (Teachers will ask questions from students)
  • Producer Brad Schroeder will talk for 10 minutes and take questions
  • Closing remarks and schools dismissed to an open park at 1:00pm

Information & Reservations
Call 800.417.7770
Monday-Sunday, 9am - 5pm