Lumbercamp Falls Skillet

See fresh ingredients expertly blended in a giant iron skillet to create the Sausage Medley and Campfire Skillet at Lumbercamp Falls Skillet! The only thing more fun than watching these hearty dishes being made is eating them.

Signature Skillets
Sausage Medley
Smoked Sausage Slices, Roasted Red Skin Potatoes, Red and Green Peppers, 
Onions & Sweet Corn
Campfire Skillet 
Grilled Chicken, Smoked Sausage Slices, Red Skin Potatoes, 
Green and Yellow String Beans & Carrots
Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Sprite, Mr. Pibb, Root Beer, Tea
Dasani Bottled Water
Refillable Souvenir Mug
Subject to change without notice.