Tastes of the World

Visit the Frisco Barn for traditional global specialties and imaginative new dishes!

Tastes of the World Menu



International Nachos

Juarez Nachos
Corn chips with seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese sauce, sour cream, guacamole, green onions and salsa.

Caribbean Nachos
Lime flavored tortilla chips layered with jerk chicken, spicy mango-pineapple chutney and shredded Monterrey Jack cheese.

Greek Nachos
Corn chips topped with Romaine lettuce, feta cheese, tomatoes, Kalamata olives and Greek dressing.

International Flat Breads

Thai Flat Bread 
Peanut sauce base topped with chicken, red pepper strips, matchstick carrots, mozzarella & Parmesan cheeses and cilantro.

Pepperoni Flat Bread 
Slices of pepperoni layered on top of a blend of fresh cheeses.

Pizza á Portuguesa
Slices of ham, chorizo sausage, green peppers, black olives, sliced tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and topped with sliced hard-boiled eggs.

International Sandwiches
(Served with Chips)

Hercules Sandwich 
Ciabiatta bread layered with ham, salami, provolone and mozzarella cheeses and our own marinated olive spread.

Cubano Sandwich
Sliced pork, ham and Swiss cheese topped with pickles and mustard on a ciabatta bun.

Arepas Rumberas Sandwich
Seasoned pulled pork topped with crumbled cheese and cilantro on a sweet corn bread bun.

International Tacos 
(Served with Tortilla Chips)

Beef Tacos 
Two beef tacos with pico de gallo and an avocado sauce on a soft flour tortilla.

Chicken Tacos
Two Jerk seasoned chicken tacos with pineapple pico de gallo and an avocado sauce on a soft flour tortilla.

Pork Tacos
Two smoked pork tacos with mango pico de gallo and an avocado sauce on a soft flour tortilla.


International Calzones

Italian Calzone 
Pepperoni, Italian sausage, marinara sauce and five cheese blend.

Polynesian Calzone 
Canadian bacon, five cheese blend, sauce and pineapple chunks.

Persian Calzone
Lamb, spinach, crumbled feta cheese and sauce.

International Skillets

Stir Fry 
Chicken thighs, red peppers, corn, ginger, soy sauce and scallions.

Chicken, Andouille sausage, green peppers, celery, onions, garlic, tomatoes, rice and seasonings.

Tandoori Gobi
Cauliflower, red onion, green pepper, yogurt, ginger, garlic and tandoori masala seasoning.

International Hot Dogs 
(Served with Chips)

Icelandic Hot Dog 
Two hot dogs topped with fried onions, diced onions, sweet brown mustard, ketchup and a mild tangy mayonnaise.

Greek Hot Dog
Two hot dogs topped with Romaine lettuce red onion, diced tomatoes and cucumbers mixed with Greek dressing and tzatziki sauce.

Thai Hot Dog
Two hot dogs topped with peanut sauce, diced mango, cucumber and a sweet chili sauce.

Topped with mustard, green and red peppers and sliced onions.

International Crepes

Strawberry Banana
Fresh sliced strawberries & bananas and a rich cream filling rolled in a sweet crepe, topped with drizzled chocolate sauce and a dollop of whipped cream.

Crepe Suzette
Orange marmalade inside of a sweet crepe topped with whipped cream and oranges.

Savory Chicken Crepe
Chicken, fresh spinach, mushrooms and feta cheese rolled in a delicate crepe, topped with raspberry vinaigrette.

International Sweet Treats 


Apple Dumplings
 with cinnamon ice cream