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Package Pickup

Don't carry that package around all day! Ask any shopkeeper about Package Pickup at the Ozark Marketplace.

Phoebe Snapp Taffy

Open March 12 - December 30    Location: Main Street    Type: Crafts 

Delicious taffy in a wide variety of flavors made by our taffy makers at Silver Dollar City's Phoebe Snapp Taffy
Located right on Main Street, Phoebe Snapp Taffy features ongoing demonstrations as craftsmen work the shop's antique taffy making machine.

This tasty confection appeared in the Midwest in 1880 at traveling fairs and expositions that toured the area. That same year, it became a popular treat for vacationers visiting Atlantic City's famed boardwalk, where the term "salt water taffy" was coined.

Today Phoebe Snapp Taffy sells over 75,000 pounds of taffy every year!