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Family-Friendly Amenities

Free Charging Stations

Give your batteries a boost with 5 free charging stations located in the All-New Fireman's Landing. Each station has 4 USB ports and electric to keep your devices powered up during your day of adventure!

Please note: USB/power cords are not furnished at the free charging stations.


Lockers are just $3.00 all day!

Keep your belongings safe and move them with you throughout the park all day. Lockers are only $3 per day to access 9 locations.

Lockers are available for rent outside the Main Gate, Hospitality House Entrance, Hospitality House Restrooms, American Plunge Bridge, The GIANT Barn Swing, Lost River Of The Ozarks, OutlawRun®, PowderKeg® and Thunderation.

Only 1 location can be used at a time. Pin code will be given at time of initial purchase and will be used throughout the day. Locker must be completely emptied before moving on to the next location The park is not responsible for items left unattended.


Strollers are available to rent at the park on a first-come basis for a small fee. 

Single   $13.00 full day 
Double  $18.00 full day 

Stroller reservations are not required. However, if you would like to make a reservation, you may do so online or by calling 800-475-9370 at least 24 hours in advance of your visit (reservations cannot be made day of visit). Payment is required at time of reservation. Cancellations must be received 24 hours in advance for a refund.

Nursing Stations 

Mother's Nursing Stations offer a quiet area to care for your child's basic needs. Silver Dollar City provides 4 Nursing Stations throughout the park. They are located by the restrooms at the Hospitality House, Red Gold Heritage Hall, Geyser Gulch and The GIANT Barn Swing. 

Warming Bottles 

The staff at any of the Silver Dollar City restaurants would be happy to fill a bottle with warm water for you free of charge (this does not include concession stands). Although running water and microwaves are not available in the Nursing Stations, they are still recommended as private feeding and diapering facilities..  

Baby Changing Stations 

Baby Changing Stations are located in every restroom on park (except in the Lucky Silver Mine restaurant).

Baby Changing Stations are also available in the Mother's Nursing Stations located at the Hospitality House and Red Gold Heritage Hall (not available at the Geyser Gulch nursing station). Diaper dispensers are available in restrooms located at the Hospitality House, Red Gold Heritage Hall, Riverfront Playhouse and at The GIANT Barn Swing Mother's Nursing Station.  

Family Assist Restrooms 

Family assist or companion restroom facilities feature their own private entrance. They are available at Thunderation, Red Gold Heritage Hall and First Aid.  

Lost Child Procedures 

If you get separated from your child while visiting the park, alert any employee immediately. Our Safety & Security department will reunite you as quickly as possible. We encourage you to have your kids memorize your cell phone number, or visit the Official Measuring Station to receive a wristband that includes an area to write your cell phone number, for ease of contacting you.