Math and Science Day
April 10, 2019

Welcome To Our Learning Laboratory!

Silver Dollar City's Math & Science Day works with current classroom curriculum to meet state and national standards by providing exciting, hands-on lessons developed by highly qualified secondary teachers with input from students. The lessons apply science and math concepts covering grade levels 5-12 to be experienced at the park. Such concepts include measurement, estimation, gravity, motions, forces, and systems.

  • Marvel Cave Mystery Tours - Join fellow spelunkers as you travel through Marvel Cave attempting to solve the mystery of what nearly wiped out our Gray Bat population a couple decades ago. Complete a student workbook as you go from station to station gathering evidence and solving equations to help you determine the culprit.
  • Outlaw Run Curriculum - Includes Physics and Calculus for the most advanced lesson yet!
  • Trained student volunteers will be at each of the coaster stations to help participating students with formulas and equations. Volunteers will then stamp each students’ workbook once they complete (or attempt to complete) the questions at that station
  • Check in at the Guest Relations Horseshoe for extra materials and to answer event questions.

Keep your students motivated, engaged, and eager to learn! Silver Dollar City's unique environment provides interactive experiences for your students, and our Lesson Plans make it easy to meet educational standards.

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