How to Manage and Purchase Passes with your new online Account

Passholders are required to have an Account when purchasing online. With an online Account, you will be able to easily access your Season Pass and perks like Bring-A-Friend tickets and exclusive discounts.

We are excited that you are interested in purchasing a new Season Pass! To purchase a new pass or a pass that is exclusively offered to a select group, please visit the Season Pass page and make your selections. You will be sent through a page where you simply tell us how many passes of each type you would like.

Passholders are required to have an online Account when purchasing online. After adding to cart, you will be asked for your email address for your online Account. Your email address will be validated and you will be asked for additional information to continue with your purchasing.

Passholders can link passes to their Silver Dollar City Account to easily access their digital Season Passes and perks like exclusive discounts and speedy renewals.

Please visit the Account Overview page. You will be asked to Sign In if you already have an account, or to provide new account information if you do not already have an account.

Once within your Account, scroll down to the Passes module on the account overview page and click/tap on "Link Passes". This will take you to the Passes page within your account where you can link passes, buy new passes, or renew your existing passes.

To link a pass: Select the "+Add Pass" option. You will need your Season Pass ID and the phone number associated with your pass.

After linking, purchasing or renewing your Pass from within your online account is simple! You can find your Pass ID as well as your barcode in your online account, too.

Option #1: Passes module

On your Account Overview page, click/tap on each pass to expand and see that pass's details. From there you can click/tap "View" for your digital ticket pass.

Option #2: If that doesn't reveal your Pass and you have recently renewed or purchased that Pass, try your recent Orders module.

Once there, click/tap the arrow on the far right of your recent order. Then on that next page scroll down to retrieve your digital tickets.

If you are having an authorization issue on your payment, please check the zip/postal code or address on the Payment popup from the checkout page. That is a common issue that we have seen. But please let us know if you continue to receive this issue at 417.336.7100.

If you have received an email or phone call from our team regarding entitlements in your online account, you will find those entitlements under your order History within your online account.

Since we had to add these entitlements to your account after your purchase, we are unable to add them to the Entitlements section within your account. Apologies for the confusion. You can access them from the order History module within your account though. Simple click/tap the order for $0.00 Amount to get to your added entitlement(s).

Guest Services added Entitlements