All In The Family:

All In The Family:

Love Is Always The Answer Here

By Brandei Clifton
February 1 , 2024

The Heart & Soul of Jessica Chandler are about as big and beautiful as they come. She unapologetically loves out loud and makes it her mission to share The City’s mission to create memories worth repeating for guests.

The plan, to her, is simple —just love people. All the people. Her journey to our team twisted and turned from her family’s pizza shop in Illinois to the streets of Silver Dollar City, which she says is a “happy and safe place” for her family of seven.

Life at the park is truly a family affair for Jessica who has three – soon to be four – children working here too. The fifth is only 12 years old but is already plotting his plan to join his siblings on staff. City life has been a blessing to the Chandlers. Jessica’s crew made the move from Illinois after realizing owning and operating their pizzeria put a lot of stress on the growing family.

“We had five kids in five years and it got tricky juggling the business with our home life,” she says. “We had gone to Silver Dollar City on vacation and felt so happy and safe there. We decided in 2019 to put our roots down in Branson to see what happened.”

What happened, Jessica says, was God’s perfect timing.

“I had been a stay-at-home mom for so long but was ready to spread my wings and join the workforce,” she smiles. “I knew I had to go to the place that brought us here —Silver Dollar City.”

Jessica started in the labor pool and had stints at the Barn Swing and Firemen’s Landing before she followed a colleague to the Area Hosts team.

“That means trash and toilets,” she laughs. “And, I loved it! I quickly learned how every single person here truly plays a part in giving guests the best day ever.”

The best day ever doesn’t always start that way. That’s when Jessica says it’s up to employees to step in and save a visit that’s gone south.

“If someone spills a Coke, we can be there with a new one. If someone has an accident in the restroom, we can be there with new clothes from our shops,” she says. “We can salvage their memories. We don’t want our guests to have any worries when they’re here.”

Jessica says her strides to spread agape love like that come from a broken childhood.


“It was hard. I know what it’s like to not be loved. I never want anyone to feel like that. You just never know what someone is going through. We come across grumpy guests sometimes but, if you peel back the layers, they are hurting and just need kindness.”

Success in customer service is providing folks an escape from the outside world.

“We never know if someone is battling cancer, abuse, poverty, depression, or something else,” Jessica says. “Stepping into Silver Dollar City should feel like a magical break for them. We have so many opportunities to give our guests unforgettable memories to take back home. We want them to look back on their time with us and be amazed by the thoughtful way we cared for them.”

Jessica says the loving culture at The City starts with how employees treat each other.

“When they feel loved, they can give love,” she smiles. “That’s why it’s so incredibly important to remind each other that we all have an impact here. We all can step up and show the world what we’re all about.”

Jessica is excited to start the 2024 season on the Merchandise team. It’s an opportunity she sees to love on even more colleagues and more guests. Another member of her family will be nearby this season. Her son John will be at the Job Fair this weekend to find his place to make a difference.

“I always tell people we will find a perfect fit for you out here,” she beams. “These young workers are loved on by the older Citizens and it warms my heart as a mother. It’s like they gain honorary grandparents and that’s so special.”

As the new season brings a new role for Jessica, her servant heart hasn’t changed a bit.

“I have fire under my feet, love in my heart and Jesus leading the way,” she smiles. “Kindness spreads like a beautiful fire if you say it out loud and put it centerstage. From 14 to 94, folks of all ages will feel our love if you join the team. This is a place where you’ll be seen, be heard, and be cared for. It’s love! And, it’s just that simple.”

You can be part of it all! Silver Dollar City is hosting a Job Fair on February 2-3 from 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m. at Red Gold Heritage Hall at Silver Dollar City. There are various openings throughout Silver Dollar City, White Water, and Showboat Branson Belle. Call Human Resources at 417-338-8122 to schedule an interview at the event. Walk-ins are also welcome. Many job seekers will secure a position on the spot for the 2024 season. For a list of current openings, visit

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