Showboat Branson Belle Experience


The Showboat Branson Belle Experience

The Showboat Branson Belle - America's Most Entertaining Dinner Cruise, presents an unforgettable experience for your entire family. Your 2-hour cruise on magnificent Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri includes a delicious 3-course meal freshly prepared in the ship's galley and the NEW Show - Celebrate featuring music, comedy, magic and more.

Queen of the Ozarks

Themed after the majestic showboats of the 1800s, the Showboat Branson Belle evokes the spirit of a bygone era when river boat adventure, glamorous travel and dazzling entertainment converged into what we remember as Those Grand Old Showboatin’ Days!

Christened:      April 13, 1995 
    278 feet
Beam (width):
    78 feet
    112 feet, 3 inches to top of stacks
    7.5 feet
Paddle Wheels:
    2 twin wheels, 16 feet wide, 24 feet in diameter
    2,500,000 pounds
    Peak 11 mph Average 6 mph
Captain's Wheel:
    10 feet, 2 inches in diameter of solid maple wood, restored from the C.C. Slider which operated 1928 - 1952
    700 Passengers


The Showboat Branson Belle was launched from her lake side shipyard August 13, 1994, using two tons of bananas as a lubricant for the nine second slide into the water. She traveled 14 mph during the launch, faster than she'll ever travel on water.

Table Rock Lake

See gorgeous views of Table Rock Lake when you take your family on a lake cruise aboard the magnificent Showboat Branson Belle! Stroll the three decks, and enjoy panoramic views of the lush Ozark Mountains across the turquoise waters of Table Rock Lake. During your 2-hour lake cruise, experience fabulous Branson dining and the best in Branson shows. This is one of the most fun things to do at Table Rock Lake, so don’t miss the boat! 

After your cruise, stay the night at a campground or cabin at Silver Dollar City's Wilderness Campground for the ultimate Branson experience. Book your trip today!