Have you always wanted to throw delectable parties and entertain guests? At Silver Dollar City's Midwest Living® Culinary & Craft School, you'll cook up traditional Midwest Living recipes pulled directly from the test kitchens of Midwest Living Magazine. You'll also perfect the art of a flaky pie crust, learn the intricate details of a Downton Abbey-style tea party and perfect a variety of other dishes.

Our classroom is a classic turn-of-the-century style farmhouse complete with warm timber-frame construction and a welcoming wraparound porch with an amazing view of Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre. Class participants will enjoy tiered seating and large plasma TVs to capture every detail of the delicious Midwest Living recipes made before your eyes in our demonstration kitchen. The Midwest Living® Kitchen Showroom features fabulous Viking appliances and other top of the line equipment.

Classes typically run 60 minutes and cost $15 per person.*

One day admission ticket or season pass is required for park entry. Children are welcome to attend classes at the discretion of parents/guardians, but require a seat purchase. Seating in the Demonstration Kitchen is open 10 minutes prior to each class, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis as you check in at the Culinary & Craft School.

Printable Documents:
Fall Class Schedule


* Pricing for special event & dinner classes varies. Please see class descriptions for details.


Midwest Living Culinary & Craft School


Annual Fall Dinner - An Italian Affair

Join us for our Annual Fall Dinner at the Midwest Living Culinary & Craft School featuring a menu of classic Italian dishes.

September 29

Cowboy Cuisine

In this class we're saluting western flavor with tender ribs and a crunchy baked snack!

September 17, 22 & 28 | October 4, 14, 18 & 22

Hot Dish & Kuchen

These two recipes will be the stars of your next church carry-in or family potluck.

September 14 & 20 | October 7, 15 & 25

Pie & Mocha

We'll show you how to create the perfect fall dessert combo - pie & coffee!

September 15 & 23 | October 1, 8, 13, 19 & 27

Silver Dollar City Traditions

Learn how to make a Silver Dollar City classic - Miner's Beef Stew!

September 16, 21 & 27 | October 5, 11, 20 & 26

Wild Rice Soup

This class features a warm and hearty wild rice soup along with a delicious smoky appetizer recipe.

September 13, 24 & 30 | October 6, 12, 21 & 28