Master Craftsman of Culinary Arts - Debbie Dance Uhrig

Meet Debbie Dance Uhrig, Master Craftsman of Culinary Arts! Debbie not only contributes to Midwest Living® Culinary & Craft School program development, she also conducts cooking classes. Debbie's warm smile, boisterous personality and love for cooking make her the perfect instructor for a Silver Dollar City-style class!

With a Master's degree in Education, Debbie has been actively teaching in the classroom for over 20 years. She is also a noted culinary writer for several newspapers, founder of The Covered Dish, and author of the cookbook Simply Yours.

Debbie grew up in a home where guests were treated to simple, down-home comfort foods, and that style of cooking remains a constant in her kitchen today. She believes that the family dining table should be a place where families connect by telling stories about their day and sharing in the bounty of life

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