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WElcome to
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at Silver dollar city

The Food Experience

In 2017, We're Changing The Way
Families Eat At Silver Dollar City

During the Year of Food and Crafts, come discover signature dining experiences and bold, innovative flavors all season long. Over 200  incredible new recipes will debut throughout the year, highlighting each festival with deliciously unexpected new tastes to savor.

Spring Ride Days

march 15 - April 2

The Year of Food and Crafts kicks off during Spring Ride Days with 25 new menu items setting the stage for fresh innovation all season long. Just a few of the highlights include all-new kid's meals, family-friendly specials, healthier options and a new variety of sensational salads.

The Festival of Wonder

April 6 - 30

All-NEW The Festival of Wonder at Silver Dollar City presents A Most Amazing Entertainment Experience, and the dining is nothing short of spectacular. Taste unbelievably delicious new creations with themes including outlandish eats, outrageous sweets, curious kabobs and world of bacon.

Bluegrass & BBQ festival

May 4 - 29

During the Bluegrass & BBQ Festival, award-winning Bluegrass artists take to the stage, but they're not the only stars of this festival. Your taste buds will be singing as you explore dishes like barbecue sundaes, mason jar desserts, outrageous corn on the cob, slow smoked ribs and more.

Silver Dollar City Food Days

may 30 - June 9 & July 31 - August 20

Twice during 2017 the focus turns to some of your favorite Silver Dollar City foods, but with even more varieties and amazing new recipes. Classics like funnel cakes, cinnamon rolls, milkshakes and kettle corn will debut new recipes like you've never tasted before!

Star-Spangled Summer

June 3 - July 16

Star-Spangled Summer is a great time to make amazing memories with your family. It's also a great time to eat at Silver Dollar City! Kids get a new buffet just for them filled with their favorite foods. And, the whole family is sure to love our new insane hot dogs, taking the average dog to the next level with wild flavor combinations.

Moonlight Madness

July 15 - July 30

Extended park hours mean more time to explore delicious Moonlight Madness foods! A summer favorite, cotton candy, gets a makeover that will light up the night. Plus, get ready for some extreme food challenges and try some of the wackiest foods from The Festival of Wonder in an encore during this end of summer celebration.

SoutherN Gospel Picnic

August 24 - September 4

As the top names in Southern Gospel Music take to Silver Dollar City's stages, the food spotlight shines on Southern cuisine. Plus, Southern cooking expert and blogger, Christy Jordan presents all-new recipes in The House Of Chicken & Fixin’s.

Country Music Weekend

September 8 - 10

For three nights country music legends pack Silver Dollar City's Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre with fans as they play their greatest hits. During Country Music Weekend, enjoy a country favorite - cool, refreshing sweet tea featuring a variety of flavor additions to please any palate.

National Crafts & Cowboy Festival

September 13 - October 28

This fall celebration features two prominent symbols of America's heritage - the nation's finest craftsmen and authentic cowboys. Our culinary heritage comes to life as well with chuck wagon cooking and cowboy cuisine. Come hungry for smoked brisket, ham and beans, biscuits and more.

An Old Time Christmas®

November 4 - December 30

The tastes of the season are in abundance during An Old Time Christmas with three holiday buffets featuring prime rib, turkey, ham and all of the trimmings. Plus, in addition to your favorite Silver Dollar City Christmas treats, you'll find festive new menu items throughout the park.

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The Crafts Experience

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The Home of American Crafsmanship

For nearly 6 decades Silver Dollar City has been The Home of American Craftsmanship where talented artisans bring the story of Silver Dollar City to life through rich craft-making traditions and amazing craft demonstrations. During The Year of Food and Crafts, you'll find an impressive array of new handcrafted treasures and surprising new experiences for the whole family to enjoy.

Brown's Candy Factory

Brown's Candy Factory produces over 90, 000 lbs of candy every year, including their signature peanut brittle. For many guests, a Silver Dollar City visit isn't complete without a stop at this beloved shop. It's the love and care of the Brown's craftsmen that keep families coming back season after season. Visit the demonstration theater to watch these experts in action.

Hazel's Blown Glass

Each piece of glass created at Hazel's is created in fires…fire from the more than 2000 degree furnace and the fiery passion that our craftsmen have for their art. This is a fire they share every day with guests who stop in to watch them as they transform raw glass into exquisite one-of-a-kind treasures.

hillcreek pottery

Beautiful yet functional, the pieces produced by the craftsmen at Hillcreek Pottery are fit for everyday use, but also so lovely that they beg to be displayed for all to admire. Warm colors and delicate textures delight the senses. A cup of coffee in a handcrafted mug is to be savored; a pie nestled in a one-of-a-kind plate tastes a little sweeter.

Wilderness Road Blacksmith

The raw power of the forge is just as fascinating to watch today as it must have been over a century ago. Hammer, fire and muscle transform mere metal into objects that are both decorative and useful. Amid a shower of sparks, the craftsmen at Wilderness Road continue to forge Silver Dollar City's history and preserve this honored craft.

Mountain Outfitters

Mountain Leather Shop

The timeless style, versatility and durability of leather has long been prized for items both practical and fashionable. In the skillful hands of the craftsmen at Mountain Leather, attention to detail and creativity bring out the finest aspects of this choice material. No matter what they create, one thing is certain - unsurpassed quality is a promise.

Mountain Outfitters

Mountain Outfitters Knife Shop

From blade to handle, every inch of a Mountain Outfitters' knife is painstakingly created in the shop by meticulous craftsmen with years of experience. Following rich centuries-old knife making traditons, these artisans craft blades of incredible strength and beauty, designed to last for generations.

Mountain Outfitters

Heartland Home Furnishings

Each item handcrafted at Heartland Home Furnishings comes complete with a past and a future. Its past is the history and tradition that’s naturally infused when the finest wood is used to create exceptionally built furniture with tools dating back to the 1800s. Its future is then secured in the knowledge that these pieces are sure to be handed down for generations to come.

Mountain Outfitters

Valley Woodcarvers

From delicately designed wooden boxes to intricately handcarved doors and mantels, each work of art produced by the craftsmen at Valley Woodcarvers is a testament to their meticulous precision and exceptional creativity. Looking at each magnificent finished product, it is sometimes hard to imagine its beginnings as a humble block of wood.

Mountain Outfitters

Phoebe Snapp Taffy

Whether you start your day at Silver Dollar City with a visit to Phoebe Snapp Taffy, or make it one of your last stops before heading home, one thing is sure - for most families, it's a tradition not to be missed! You can watch craftsmen make this delicious treat step-by-step and sample the product before it even hits the shelves. Choose from scores of melt-in-your-mouth flavors.

Mountain Outfitters

Sullivan's Mill

At Sullivan's Mill, the turn-of-the-century water-powered grist mill grinds wheat and corn just the way it did over a hundred years ago. When you bake with the mill's corn meal you can almost taste the tradition. And just as in days gone by, the craftsmen at Sullivan's put pride and passion into everything they bake, from their signature cinnamon bread to creative confections including gourmet truffles and more.

Mountain Outfitters

Carrie's Candles

While candles are no longer depended upon as a source of light in this day and age, we all know how a well-made candle can add warmth and comfort to a room. Handcrafted candles from Carrie's are the kind of simple touch that can turn a house into a home, a moment into a memory. Inviting scents and colors are carefully chosen to enhance each hand-dipped and hand-poured candle.

Mountain Outfitters

Duplicating Lathe

Watch as the craftsmen at the Duplicating Lathe patiently and skillfully turn and shape wood into a variety of objects including baseball bats, walking sticks, rolling pins, noodle cutters and gorgeous wooden kitchen utensils. The quality of each item is evident as form and function meet in artfully handcrafted products.

Mountain Outfitters

Granny's Lye Soap

At Granny's Lye Soap, craftsmen make soap just the way it was produced for centuries using the same ingredients and methods our ancestors used. Lye soap's natural ingredients are gentle on your skin, but they have powerful cleansing properties. The craftsmen at Granny's take this simple, but effective product and add a variety colors and scents to delight the senses as well.

Mountain Outfitters

Midwest living& reg; Culinary & Craft School

The Midwest Living® Culinary & School is an invitation for guests to be a part of the creative process. Culinary Craftsmen provide recipes and instruction, but more than that, they also spark culinary creativity and encourage guests to pursue their own ideas by offering tips and tricks they can take back to their own kitchens.

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