Welcome Season Pass Holders




Thank you for being a 2019 Season Pass Holder. In this section you'll find information to help you plan an entire season of fun at Silver Dollar City Attractions. Learn about upcoming events and exclusive special offers, review your season pass benefits, read helpful articles and much more!


News & Events


Announcing The Year of Shows & Festivals, featuring new Pumpkin Nights in Fall 2019!



Silver Dollar City has so much in store for your family in 2019, with larger-than-life shows and amazing new festival adventures — including a new Harvest Festival featuring Craft Days & Pumpkin Nights!



Exclusive Offers & Discounts


The Showboat Branson Belle

Save On Showboat Cruises

Noon, 4 & 8pm cruises ONLY $30 (all ages) for pass holder in general seating; plus tax. Excludes 8pm cruise on December 31.

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Save at Silver Dollar City Campground

Save On Stays

2020 Season Pass Holders get 15% off 2 or more nights' stay in cabins, campsites and RV sites at the Silver Dollar City Campground! Valid on single sites only.

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Branson Area Discounts

Branson Area Discounts

Enjoy savings at dozens of Branson hotels, eateries & attractions just by showing your 2020 Season Pass

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From savings on tickets and meals at Silver Dollar City  & White Water to discounts at attractions nationwide, you'll enjoy exclusive perks and extras just for being a 2019 Season Pass Holder!


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Guest Voucher Information


Guest vouchers are our way of saying thank you for purchasing your 2019 season pass early! Each season pass purchased online or over the phone comes with its own set of guest vouchers that allow a pass holder to bring a guest with them at select times of the year! Be sure to check your 2019 Season Pass package when it arrives and review your Guest Voucher date ranges. Mark your calendar and don't miss out on this valuable benefit!


Please note: Guest Vouchers are only available for a limited-time. All Guest Vouchers accompanying 2019 Season Passes are valid only for specific date ranges during the 2019 season. 2018 One-Day Admission tickets that are upgraded to 2019 Season Passes at Silver Dollar City do not include any 2019 Guest Vouchers.

Guest Voucher FAQ

How Can I Find Out If I Have Guest Vouchers?

If you purchased your own 2019 Season Passes, the easiest way to find out what Guest Vouchers you have is to locate the envelope you received from Silver Dollar City. All of your Guest Vouchers were shipped with your passes. Guest Vouchers look just like a Silver Dollar City ticket.

Each Guest Voucher is printed with verbiage which states when the ticket is valid and whether it is Free or Paid. If you ordered your 2019 Season Passes prior to February 3, you will have received some Free and some Paid Guest Vouchers. If you ordered after February 4, all of your Guest Vouchers will carry a reduced cost. Free Guest Vouchers work just like a ticket and can be scanned directly through the turnstiles. Paid Guest Vouchers will need to be redeemed for the amount stated on the voucher at any ticket booth.

Guest Vouchers are exclusively available online & by phone after February 28; they are not available with 2019 Season Passes purchased in person at Silver Dollar City. 2019 Season Passes purchased after March 31 are not accompanied by Guest Vouchers.

If someone else ordered your 2019 Season Passes as a gift, please contact the individual who purchased the passes for information. All Season Passes and corresponding Guest Vouchers are shipped to the billing address of the purchaser.

Is There Any Other Information I Should Know?

Other important Guest Voucher guidelines:

  • Verify if your Guest Vouchers are Free or Paid.
    • Free Guest Vouchers work just like a ticket and can be scanned at the turnstile.
    • Paid Guest Vouchers must be redeemed at a ticket booth for a reduced price. The cost associated with the Guest Voucher will be clearly stated on the ticket.

  • All Guest Vouchers must be accompanied by at least one 2019 Season Pass holder bearing the same order number.

  • Be sure to check the valid date ranges for your Guest Vouchers and note any excluded dates. The valid date ranges for your Guest Vouchers will depend on when the corresponding 2019 Season Pass was purchased.

What Are The Voucher Date Ranges?

The valid date ranges for your Guest Vouchers depend upon when you purchased your 2018 Season Passes and whether you have 1 Park Silver Dollar City, 2 Park Silver Dollar City & White Water or 1 Park White Water Season Passes. 

Please Note: Each Guest Voucher is valid for one use/guest visiting with you during the valid date ranges. Valid Guest Voucher ticket must be presented for park entry. Please locate your vouchers and verify voucher type and date ranges prior to visiting.

Silver Dollar City 1 -Park Pass

Purchased Nov. 1 - Jan 4
Purchased Jan. 5 - Feb 3
Purchased Feb. 4 - Feb. 28
Purchased March 1 - March 31


Silver Dollar City & White Water 2-Park Pass

Purchased Nov. 1 - Jan 4
Purchased Jan. 5 - Feb 3 
Purchased Feb. 4 - Feb. 28
Purchased March 1 - March 31


White Water 1 Park Pass

Purchased Nov. 1 - Jan. 4
Purchased Jan. 5 - Feb. 3
Purchased Feb. 4 - Feb. 28
Purchased March 1 - March 31