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Silver Dollar City Seniors

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Hello Silver Dollar Seniors!


Welcome to your insider's guide for senior couples visiting Silver Dollar City and grandparents visiting with your grandchildren! Here you'll find tips that will help you get the most out of your visit and information about don't-miss attractions.


Silver Dollar City combines the wholesome family fun of a major theme park with the timeless appeal of demonstrating craftsmen who are dedicated to preserving 1880s Ozarks culture. Use the handy links below to help plan your visit. 


Festivals, Shops & Attractions:


Demonstrating Craftsmen
Unique Shops
McHaffie's Homestead
The Wilderness Church


Restaurants offering dietary options include:


Molly's Mill Restaurant


Sugar-Free Delights:


Brown's Candy Factory
Hannah's Ice Cream Factory


You can also browse our Allergen-Free Menu options for more information. Be sure to ask Silver Dollar City's helpful and courteous restaurant and concession staff about any other special dietary concerns you may have.



Tips On Visiting With Your Grandkids


Taking a vacation with your grandkids is a great way to have fun and strengthen family bonds! Silver Dollar City has restaurants that offer children's meals and rides and attractions the whole family will enjoy.



Family-Friendly Attractions:


Half Dollar Holler
McHaffie's Homestead Barnyard
Oak Trail School
Grandfather's Mansion

Marvel Cave


Rides Range From Mild...


Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train


To A Little Bit Wild!


The GIANT Barn Swing
Outlaw Run
Time Traveler®


Silver Dollar City Signature Shows:


Saloon Show
Down By The Riverside


Restaurants With Great Kids Menus Include:


Lumbercamp Restaurant

Wagon Works Grill


Park Services


Silver Dollar City offers services, amenities and special passes designed to make your day more enjoyable. Simply click those that interest you below for more information.


Park Map
Strollers, Wheelchairs & ECVs
Trailblazer Pass
Premium Parking


Walking Through Silver Dollar City Has Wellness Benefits


Studies have proven that walking is a valuable fitness tool, whether you're eight or eighty. For seniors, it's an effective way to lower blood sugar, reduce body fat, lower blood pressure, improve bone density and muscle tone, elevate mood and reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke.


While you're walking through Silver Dollar City enjoying the rides, shows and works of art, you'll burn calories without realizing it.


Half Mile Walking Path:


  • Start at the Gazebo on Silver Dollar City's Square
  • Walk down Valley Road, around Riverfront Road, up Hill Street
  • Return to the Gazebo on the Square


A person who weighs 150 lbs. and walks a flat surface at a pace of 30 minutes per mile will burn about 35 calories. If you factor in an incline, that same person will burn approximately 120 calories.

Calories Burned
Distance Pounds Flat Surface 10% Incline
0.5 miles @ 30 min. per mile 150 35 100
0.5 miles @ 30 min. per mile 175 40 120
0.5 miles @ 30 min. per mile 200 45 135

Walking Tips:


  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Wear layered loose clothing
  • Drink plenty of water


We want you to feel good while you're enjoying the sights, sounds and experiences of Silver Dollar City...and burning calories!