Our classroom is a classic turn-of-the-century style farmhouse complete with warm timber-frame construction and a welcoming wraparound porch with an amazing view of Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre. Class participants will enjoy tiered seating and large plasma TVs to capture every detail of the delicious recipes made before your eyes in our demonstration kitchen. The Kitchen Showroom features fabulous Viking appliances and other top of the line equipment.

Classes typically run 60 minutes and cost $15 per person.*

One day admission ticket or season pass is required for park entry. Children are welcome to attend classes at the discretion of parents/guardians, but require a seat purchase. Seating in the Demonstration Kitchen is open 10 minutes prior to each class, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis as you check in at the Culinary & Craft School.

* Pricing for special event & dinner classes varies. Please see class descriptions for details.


Printable Schedules: Christmas 2018 Class Schedule

Chicken Pesto Pizza & Seafood Chowder

Create the perfect cozy meal with two of Debbie's favorite Christmas Eve recipes.

November 15 | December 1, 5, 14 & 19

Culinary Craft School

Christmas Morning

Make your Christmas morning even more magical with a delicious make-ahead breakfast.

November 4, 16 & 25 | December 9, 16, 21 & 27

Culinary Craft School

Dutch Letters & Warm Holiday Beverage

Learn how to make a traditional holiday pastry from The Netherlands.

November 11, 23 & 28 | December 2, 12, 22 & 26

Culinary Craft School

Focaccia Bread & Vegetable Spread

This class features a recipe for freshly baked focaccia bread with a tasty homemade vegetable spread.

December 29

Culinary Craft School

Kookie & Koffee Lab

Learn to make the perfect cup of coffee in a French press and get some great cookie recipes to go with it, too.

December 30

Culinary Craft School

New Year's Eve

This class features three party-perfect recipes for your New Year's Eve celebrations.

December 28

Culinary Craft School

Santa's Cookie Shop

This sweet class features Silver Dollar City's own Ginger Cookie recipe and more.

November 3, 8, 17, 21 & 29 | December 6, 15 & 23

Culinary Craft School

Savory Holiday Sauces & Cranberry Salad

These three delicious recipes will provide the perfect complements to any holiday meal.

November 10, 18, 24 & 30 | December 8, 13 & 20

Culinary Craft School