Culinary & Craft School

Looking for a really impressive and delicious recipe to share with your friends and loved ones? At Silver Dollar City's Culinary & Craft School, you'll find classes featuring all kinds of tantalizing new dishes that are perfect for any occasion.

Whether you're clueless in the kitchen or an avid foodie, out expert instructors offer insights for cooks of every level in these fun and engaging lessons. Classes take place in a state-of-the-art demonstration kitchen with comfortable seating and large flat screen monitors to ensure you don’t miss a single step of the recipes being prepared.

The kitchen is outfitted with top of the line modern appliances, but warm wood, whitewashed décor and handcrafted copper accents create a casual farmhouse style that blends old-time Silver Dollar City atmosphere with contemporary culinary sophistication. You'll feel the welcoming hospitality and relaxing atmosphere the moment you step onto the shady, wrap-around porch that overlooks Echo Hollow® Amphitheatre.

Classes typically run 60 minutes and cost $15 per person, though pricing for special events varies. Please see the class descriptions for details. Best of all, every student gets to sample the prepared dishes and take home copies of the recipes.


Printable Schedules: Spring 2019 Class Schedule

Master Craftsman of Culinary Arts Debbie Dance Uhrig

Culinary & Craft School

While you're at Silver Dollar City take a cooking class in the Culinary & Craft School!

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Regular Classes
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Upcoming Classes

A Healthy Trend

Learn how to make fresh hummus and vegetarian casserole in this informative class.

March 14, 22 & 27 | April 11, 20 & 26

Culinary & Craft School

BBQ In A Bag

Try BBQ like you've never had it before, plus learn how to prepare a tasty strawberry green salad.

May 8, 19 & 23 | June 1

Culinary & Craft School

Culture Flare

Learn how to prepare Mexican Quinoa Casserole and a delicious Reuben Dip.

March 23 & 29 | April 6, 14, 19 & 24 | May 3 & 25

Culinary & Craft School

Flavors of Spring

Strawberry cake rolls and spring vegetable soup are on the menu for this class.

March 15, 20 & 31 | April 12, 17 & 27 | May 2, 16 & 29 | June 2

Culinary & Craft School

Our Most Popular

Learn how to prepare two of the Culinary & Craft School's most beloved dishes, multi-grain bread and homemade rhubarb sauce.

March 16, 24 & 28 | April 7, 13, & 25 | May 5, 17 & 31 | June 8

Culinary & Craft School

Prelude To Dinner

Learn the recipe for chili cheese bars and creamy asparagus soup.

March 13, 21 & 30 | April 5, 10, 18 & 28

Culinary & Craft School

Slider & Sweets

Stop by to learn how to make pork sliders for dinner and a tasty peanut butter and chocolate cake for dessert.

May 4, 15 & 30 | June 6 & 16

Culinary & Craft School

Smoked Brats & Cole Slaw

Few meals say "summer" better than smoked bratwurst, and in this class you'll learn a great recipe for how to prepare the meal. Plus, learn to make an accompanying sauce and a cole slaw.

May 7, 18, 22 & 26 | June 9

Culinary & Craft School


Please Note: One day admission ticket or season pass is required for park entry. Children are welcome to attend classes at the discretion of parents/guardians, but require a seat purchase. Seating in the Demonstration Kitchen is open 10 minutes prior to each class, and is available on a first-come, first-served basis as you check in at the Culinary & Craft School.