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New Foods & Flavors
During The Year of Food And Crafts

Discover The Bluegrass & BBQ Festival

We've got the biggest names in bluegrass music, we've got all-new barbecue...all we need is you! Join us for incredible music and delicious flavors during Silver Dollar City's Bluegrass & BBQ Festival.
Discover The Festival

Taste All The Flavors Of Bluegrass & BBQ

For your best BBQ experience during this award-winning festival, book your seat for a BBQ Sampling Dinner each Saturday in the Reunion Hall on the Square from 4-6pm! Limited-seating is available so book your seat now!
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The HOuse of BBQ
Pork sandwiches
bbq pitmaster courtyard
NEW crazy corn
the house of bbq
bbq sausages
bbq pitmaster courtyard
NEW kabobs
The House of bbq
NEW mason jar bbq sundaes
house of bbq & rib extravaganze
BBQ ribs
the house of bbq
NEW mason jar desserts
the house of bbq
delicious sides

New in 2017

Announcing The Year of Food And Crafts – a year long celebration featuring over 200 new menu items & new handcrafted treasures! We’re dishing up more of everything families hold dear about Silver Dollar City: More signature dining. More great crafts. More family experiences. More discoveries. And all genuinely American. Here, we create moments of happiness and family bonding by putting our heart into everything we do.

Discover The Year Of Food & Crafts

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Change The Way You Eat At Silver Dollar City

From hearty sit-down dinners  to delicious snacks on-the-go you'll find delightful, award-winning food around every corner at Silver Dollar City. Explore all of the delicious options below and plan you culinary adventure before you visit!

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