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No matter when you choose to visit, you'll always find outstanding live entertanment on Silver Dollar City's stages. World-class festivals throughout the season boast colorful performers and chart-topping bluegrass, gospel and country music artists along with Broadway-style shows at Christmastime. In addition to these limited-time experiences, Silver Dollar City also features resident entertainers performing in beloved shows designed to delight audiences of all ages. Here are two favorites you need to see during your next visit!

The Silver Dollar Saloon - Celebrating 50 Years of Laughs
Outside the Silver Dollar Saloon the line forms, the double doors burst open and you hear...“Howdy Folks!”...we said “Howdy Folks!” and so the funny business begins. The proprietors of the fine establishment invite you inside to grab a seat and join in the highfalutin shenanigans, tomfooleries and calamity of The City's longest running show! Here’s where you’ll also find the best concessions served pre-show by our famed can-can dancers and singing bartenders with Popcorn, Peanuts, Cotton Candy and the Saloon’s trademark ice-cold Root Beer Floats.

For generations, since 1973 to be exact, the lovely Saloon gals and guys alike have been creating zany comedy that pulls families into the act during every performance. Visit with Choctaw Charlie, Rosie and the gang and be entertained with a rollicking good time of song, dance and cowboy comedy where anything can happen.

If you haven’t stopped by the old Silver Dollar before, be sure to put this show on your summer-must list. Or, you’ll be happily welcomed back if it’s your family’s hundredth visit as you’ll soon see every member of the family enjoys this quirky tradition!

NEW show for 2023, Roots & Koontz, runs April 6 through October 28 at The Silver Dollar Saloon.

The Rivertown Ramblers
So the story goes, the folk of Rivertown believed the best way to get more visitors to their fine community was to put together some ramblers for a music show. They found 3 known for their singing and 4 to make up a band! Their concept included a river theme, some nostalgia and a strong dose of adventure – all staged to the sounds of Dixieland Jazz. The twist comes in with the musical selection that takes famous numbers from many eras and gives each a colorful, jazzy presentation.

NEW show for 2023, Hot Time In Rivertown, runs April 6 through October 28 in The Dockside Theater.

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