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Communication Arts

Silver Dollar City Pathfinder 

Middle School and High School

If you have a question or don't know where something is around Silver Dollar City, the best place to look is the Pathfinder. Jammed packed with articles, ride information, show times, and calendars, this handy newspaper is a guests' guide to the perfect day at Silver Dollar City. In this activity, students will use the Pathfinder to find the information needed to plan a fun-filled day at Silver Dollar City. 

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Brochures on the Brain 

High School

I'm small, colorful, about the size of an envelope, and full of helpful information. What am I? I'm a Silver Dollar City brochure! You can find me inside the park, in hotels, at restaurants, and all over Southwest Missouri. But now it's your turn to create an eye-catching, informative, and error-free brochure! 

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Freytag's Pyramid 

High School

Watch as Ebenezer Scrooge undergoes a life changing experience on a cold Christmas Eve night, brought on by his deceased friend Jacob Marley. Known as the town's grumpy, penny-pinching workaholic, Scrooge encounters three different spirits and is forced to watch his life play out based on the choices he's made and the choices he will make if he continues on his current path.

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