What Varies at Silver Dollar City? 
Middle School
This lesson is great for introducing the idea of variables. What better way to learn a concept than to experience it yourself? Two days are never alike at Silver Dollar City and this activity challenges the students to think about what really stays the same and what could change based on other factors. (more...) 

Hot Chocolate! 

Elementary School
Using the statistics given in this activity, students are asked to help Mary figure out why there has been a slump in Hot Chocolate sales at her stand. She has kept a diary over the past two weeks as to what she's been doing different and is looking for the insight of a bright student to help her increase sales once again. (more...) 

Let's Get Something To Eat 
Middle School
It's hard not to notice the enticing smells that come out of Eva & Delilah's Bakery as you enter the park. The fresh baked bread, giant éclairs, plate-sized cookies (and much more) tempt the taste buds as you get just past the turnstiles. All of a sudden, your stomach begins to growl and you decide you better get something to eat and fast. (more...) 

Silver Dollar City's Swinging Bridge 
High School
Based on the amount of rain Silver Dollar City gets each year, the amount of space that separates the Swinging Bridge and the creek below varies. Big Jack decided that he was going to do a little math to see how far down the bridge would hang based on length and weight. That way he could always keep the bridge out of the water. (more...) 

Phoebe Snapp's Taffy 

Elementary School
The Maple family loves making salt water taffy. They make every kind of taffy they can possibly think of...even some really bizarre flavors. Why, the Maples make so many flavors now that it may even be the world's record! Being the taffy experts that they are, the Maples created a couple new flavors and started asking their customers which they liked the best. (more...) 

Roller Coaster Math 

Middle School
Roller coasters are a blast but they're even more fun when you ride with friends and family. Have you ever wondered how many people ride one of Silver Dollar City's roller coasters in one day? Or what if there were over 16,000 people at the park on one particular day...if everyone wanted to ride one ride, would there be enough time? (more...) 

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