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Know Before You Go!

We are SOOOO excited that you’ve chosen to spend your family’s quality time with us and can’t wait to welcome you on the day of your visit. But before that, we want to give you some insider tips on how to navigate your adventures and make the most of your day…

Challenge Your Sense of Discovery

Park Map

Our beautiful park (lovingly know as “The City”) is NOT your average park…it is filled with adventures that our founders believed were best experienced as “surprises”. You’ll notice when you arrive that there are trees and lush landscaping everywhere that add to The City’s charm, but all that “nature” coupled with our winding and meandering pathways can sometimes make rides and attractions seem hidden to first time visitors until you get more familiar with the park. So, get ready to embrace your inner explorer and keep these tips for wayfinding in mind…

The park is really just 1 BIG CIRCLE with many little trails coming off it. The circle starts at the TOP of the park on The City’s Square and is completed at the BOTTOM of the park in the NEW Rivertown Area.

Tip: If you are going downhill you are going deeper into the park, if you are heading uphill you are heading back to The City’s Square and the park entrance.

Lights, Lights & More Lights!

Plus, Night Rides!

Christmas Parade Christmas Parade

Let's talk about everyone's favorite stops that are a MUST-SEE for the most glow!

Right from the start as you enter The City's Square at the TOP of the park, you will be greeted by the magnificent state-of-the-art animated 8-story tree, the star of the enchanting Joy On Town Square sight and sound spectacular, captivates audiences nightly. The bedazzled wonder plays 8 different songs each with its very own magical lighting treatment synchronized in time with the surrounding Christmas trees, festoons and buildings around the Square.

The City's Square is also a great place to catch another favorite, Rudolph's Holly Jolly™ Christmas Light Parade as it loops around the park spreading cheer featuring 9 musical, lighted floats, plus colorful costumed characters including Rudolph's friend Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster™ and many more. Not able to see it on the worries, the parade makes its trek along the parade route twice nightly.

Just off the Square, with an entrance portal between Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor and The Silver Dollar City General Store is Christmas In Midtown® in the heart of The City featuring 1.5 million lights aglow on towering structures, dancing luminaries, light tunnels and more picture-perfect moments to capture.

Starting back at the top of the park head right down Valley Road, cross the truss bridge and take the first left by the Christmas shop behind which you'll find the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train's Depot where a special Christmas sing-along journey on the rails around the outskirts of the park awaits your crew with a stop at Grandpa's cabin to hear the story of the Christ child's birth.

For the more adventurous visitors there are rides on record-breaking coasters, weather permitting, where the starry sky on crisp cool nights will fill your heart with thrills!

Needing To Find A Kid-Friendly Area?

If from the TOP of the park on The City’s Square go RIGHT first, this is Valley Road and is the fastest path to our 3 kid friendly areas, plus Thunderation and Time Traveler. 

Tip: If it is your child’s first ever official coaster ride on either the little coaster or one of our bigger giants…let our ride attendants know so we can celebrate with you by presenting your child with a ribbon to commemorate this special first!


Want Fun For The Whole Family?


An Old Time Christmas Christmas Train


No matter the age, sprinkled throughout The City there’s something for all speeds and thrill levels to be able to enjoy together.

Starting at the TOP of the park head RIGHT down Valley Road, cross the truss bridge and take the first left by the Christmas Shop where just behind it is the Frisco Silver Dollar Line Steam Train’s Depot.

Tip: This is a don’t-miss ride on a genuine steam train that just might include a fun surprise half way through the trip around the rails.

And, right next to the Train Depot is the Flooded Mine…this old-fashioned float trip has guns aboard that allow families to have a friendly competition as they target practice along the trek.


Don't Miss Hidden Gems

We’ve heard it before from newbies, I had no idea about… 

Explore The Home of American Craftsmanship

Hazel's Blown Glass

It’s not just a name we gave ourselves…it truly is an earned accolade from the U.S. House Of Representatives because we are a genuine crafts colony over 100 strong dedicated to the preservation of our nation’s heritage crafts! Craftsmanship is what sets us apart and makes us special…you won’t find this level of devotion at any other theme park in the world. In fact, we take our LOVE of demonstrating to a whole other level…true master artisans can be found throughout our City.

Be sure to check out the demonstrating schedule in the pathfinder or posted in shops where demos can be found daily…there are too many to list them all here, but THE TOP 5 guest favorites that you have to see are: Hazel’s Blown Glass, Brown’s Candy, Wilderness Road Blacksmith, Hillcreek Pottery & Clara Belle’s Cinnamon Bread.

Check The Demonstration Schedule

We can't wait to see you! For even more planning information please visit our City Guide, a place for information designed to help you plan a great day at the park.

And, don't forget to download our Mobile App before your visit. It's your perfect park companion with a GPS-enabled map, show schedules, ride wait times and more!