Digital Content Creators

Silver Dollar City values relationships with content creators, influencers, podcasters and other digital media creators interested in sharing our story. Below is a list of guidelines that apply to any content generation at Silver Dollar City Attractions properties. Please read prior to submitting the Content Creator Ticket Request form.

Content Guidelines

  • To be considered for complementary tickets, content creators or social media influencers must have an established and engaged audience and be prepared to submit analytics to prove so.
  • Recording and photography is allowed on park property but cannot not interfere with park operations or the guest experience in any way.
  • Interviewing guests, staff, or vendors is prohibited unless prior arrangements are made with the Silver Dollar City Publicity Department.
  • Recording on rides is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of GoPro (regardless of securing device), Google glass, or other sunglass-based cameras, or any other micro camera device. Creators can submit a special request to for permission. Permission will only be granted to select qualified projects.
  • Camera Crews and large film equipment are not permitted on park without express permission.
  • The use of drones is strictly prohibited on Silver Dollar City properties.

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