Showboat Branson Belle Frequently Asked Questions Expand All

Features & Amenities

How many decks or levels are there aboard the riverboat?

The dining theater area of the ship has three levels, all of which provide excellent views of the stage. There is one exterior deck on the very top of the ship, where the captain's wheelhouse is located. The lowest level of the ship houses the engine room and kitchen.

How will I know where I'm sitting on the Showboat Branson Belle?

Table assignment is printed individually on each ticket. The table assignment will also be communicated to you by the ticket seller or Reservation Center.

Are there many stairs to climb on the Showboat Branson Belle?

Most of our seating is located on the main deck, which is where you will enter when you board the Showboat. You can travel by stairs, or by elevator to the other two decks where seating is also available.


Are alcoholic beverages served on the Showboat Branson Belle?

No alcoholic beverages are available on the Showboat Branson Belle.

Are you able to accommodate special dietary needs?

Allergen-free, vegetarian and vegan meal options are available upon request. Please inform your server when you arrive for your cruise if you require an alternate meal.

What types of drinks are available on the Showboat Branson Belle?

Coffee, iced tea and water are free with your meal. Large soft drinks are available and specialty coffees and frozen drinks may also be purchased.

Experience & Entertainment

What happens when I get on board the Showboat Branson Belle?

Upon boarding, our photographers will provide you with the opportunity to be photographed. Later, the picture is developed and you will have the choice of purchasing it. You can then enter the dining room/theater and find the location of your table. Meal service will begin shortly, followed by the major part of the show. Before the Showboat docks, you will have approximately 20 to 30 minutes to stroll the exterior decks of the Showboat and enjoy scenic views of Table Rock Lake and the Ozark Mountains.

Will the show performers sign autographs?



Will I have the opportunity to see Table Rock Lake?

Yes. Each cruise includes deck time to explore the ship and enjoy the views. Beautiful scenic views of the lake can be enjoyed from all exterior decks of the Showboat Branson Belle.

Is there anything to do while I am waiting to board the Showboat Branson Belle?

The view of Table Rock Lake and the Showboat is fabulous from onshore. White River Landing, where the Showboat docks, is also home to two shops and landscaped walkways.

Will I be able to see the view of Table Rock Lake from inside the riverboat?

Yes. The ship has large windows on all three interior decks of the theater. You can also explore a few smaller lounge areas, the exterior promenades and outer decks of the ship, which also provide great views of the lake.

Rules & Regulations

Are cameras allowed on board the Showboat Branson Belle?

Yes. However, video cameras may not be used inside the vessel. Video cameras are permitted on the outer decks only.

Is smoking allowed on board the riverboat?

Smoking is allowed only on the outer decks of the boat.

Driving Directions & Parking

How do I get to White River Landing?

From the east side of Branson, travel south on US-65 to the Hollister Exit. Turn right onto US-65 Bus N, and proceed .3 miles to stoplight. At stoplight, turn left onto MO-165 N and travel .9 miles to stop sign. At stop sign, turn right, continuing on MO-165 N approximately 5.8 miles. The Showboat Branson Belle will be on your left. 


If you are traveling from W Hwy. 76 in the heart of Branson, take MO-165 S 4.4 miles. At the stoplight, follow MO-165 S/MO-265 S 1.6 miles, across Table Rock Dam. The Showboat Branson Belle will be on your right. 


From the west side of Branson, turn from W Hwy. 76 onto MO-265 S at the stoplight. Travel 5.6 miles to the second stoplight, and turn right onto MO-165 S/MO-265 S. Travel 1.6 miles across Table Rock Dam. The Showboat Branson Belle will be on your right.

Is there plenty of parking?

Yes. There is level parking for 350 cars.

Medical Needs

My husband has a heart condition. What kind of emergency medical facilities are available?

All of the ship's crew is trained in first aid procedures and we have an EMT on board all cruises. Should it be necessary to transport a guest off the vessel, we have an excellent working relationship with the water patrol and emergency care providers in our area. (Note: We do not encourage people who are seriously ill, or have an hour-to-hour medical condition to board the vessel. The Showboat can be an hour from dock, and emergency stops in route, while possible, would inconvenience other passengers considerably.)

I am a diabetic who will require my insulin injection during the cruise. Can you provide refrigeration for my medication?

Yes, contact your server as soon as you board so they may assist you with refrigerating your medication.

Will I get seasick on the Showboat Branson Belle?

No, that is very unlikely. The Showboat is 78 feet wide and 265 feet long, making it very stable. In addition, Table Rock Lake is very calm and winds are minimal. You will notice very little movement on board the vessel as it moves through the water.

Park Admissions

One of our guests is a full-time wheelchair user. Can you accommodate?

Yes, all of our interior decks are accessible by elevator, and all our restrooms are accessible to those with disabilities. Simply inform the ticket seller or reservation agent at the time you place your reservation.

How do I contact Lost & Found?

Complete the form below to submit an inquiry for a lost item. You will be contacted when the items is found or turned in.

Submit Lost Item Report



My spouse uses a walker. Will I have to go through the line twice or try to juggle two dinner plates in order to get his meal for him?

All meals on board the Showboat are served directly to your table. There are no self-service buffet lines, salad bars, or beverage counters on the Showboat Branson Belle.

Do you have wheelchairs to rent or for loan on the riverboat?

We have a limited number of wheelchairs located at the box office which our guests may borrow for transportation from the parking lot onto the vessel. We must ask that you sit in a regular dining room chair once you are at your table on the vessel, so that our wheelchairs can be available in case of an emergency. When it is time to depart you may borrow the chair for transportation to your car.

Customer Service

Still have questions? Call us toll free at 1-800-888-7277 between the hours of 8:30 am and 5:00 pm.