Hazel's Blown Glass Craftsmen

Master Craftsman Shawn Watt

Shawn Watt creates elegant yet functional works of art as Master Craftsman at Hazel's Blown & Cut Glass.

A Craftsman In The Making

Shawn Watt was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and grew up in St. Joseph, Michigan. While in high school, Shawn took a glass blowing class at a local studio and discovered a natural talent for the craft which eventually earned him a job working there. After graduating, he continued honing his skills by taking classes from craftsmen across the country and visiting glass studios all over the world.

The Silver Dollar City Years

Shawn fell in love with Silver Dollar City during his first visit in 2009. Within minutes after stepping into Hazel's Blown & Cut Glass, he heard they were hiring. He got the job and he and his wife packed up and moved from North Carolina to Branson a week later." It's exciting to not only be a part of the 5,000-year history of glass makers, but even more fulfilling to be a part of the rich heritage of craftsmen at Silver Dollar City. I am thrilled to collaborate with all the other crafters here. "Shawn describes his vision as "blending form and function to create a unique design that will work great in any home."

Interesting Extras

One of Shawn's passions outside of art is experimenting with new and inventive pizza recipes for his wife and children.

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Valley Road

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