Valley Woodcarvers Craftsmen

Senior Craftsman James Barr

James Barr, Senior Craftsman

Missouri native, James Barr, found his passion for carving in the 80s. James specializes in large figures that are hand carved using just a mallet and chisels. For several years Barr has served as a guest woodcarver and has become well known for his huge Santa and hillbilly carvings. 

With 40 years of carving experience behind him, James now serves as a Senior Craftsman. He says his favorite thing about woodcarving is, “the freedom to create whatever I want. The log itself inspires my creations and I never know what I’m making until I start.” 

In his spare time, James enjoys teaching his art of woodcarving to others across the Midwest. Stop by the Valley Woodcarvers shop and snap a photo with his larger-than-life Santa figure, pick up a one-of-a-kind treasure and meet the craftsman himself, James Barr. 

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