Dockside Grill

Special Street Fest Menu
(Available April 15 - May 2 Only)

2 Street Hot Dogs or Street Mac & Cheese Bowl with Chips

Choose Your Favorite and Your Topping Style

BLT -Bacon, lettuce and tomato with chipotle bacon sauce

Chili - Chili, cheese, fried onions, bacon and sour cream

Street Corn - Chipotle mayo, corn salsa, chili powder, cotija cheese and cilantro

Tex Mex - Refried beans, tomato, onion, mustard, mayo, salsa and cheese



Coca-Cola Products
Dasani Bottled Water

Subject to change without notice.

Things to Know
Seasonal Dates
March 17 - December 30
Sandwich, Chicken, Skillet, Kid's Meals, Salad