Lady Liberty Dining Pavilion

Special Street Fest Menu
(Available April 15 - May 2 Only)

Chicken Bowls

  • Poutine - Chicken strips, fries, cheese curds, pot roast gravy on a bed of fresh kale
  • Parmesan - Chicken strips, fries, shredded mozzarella cheese, marinara sauce on a bed of fresh kale
  • Chipotle - Chicken strips, fries, black beans, corn, chipotle sauce on a bed of fresh kale
  • Avocado Ranch - Chicken strips and fries topped with avocado ranch on a bed of fresh kale



Coca-Cola Products
Gold Peak Tea (Sweet or Unsweet)
Dasani Bottled Water
White or Chocolate Milk
Hot Chocolate
Fresh Brewed Coffee

Subject to change without notice.

Things to Know
The Grand Exposition
Seasonal Dates
March 17 - December 30
Chicken, Sandwich, Snacks, Kid's Meals