Brown's Candy Factory

Home to the resident candy family on park, Brown's Candy Factory is filled to the brim with all things sweet. After all, the shop produces 90,000 pounds of candy every year!

Step inside and discover an abundance of fudges, brittles, clusters, chocolate-covered strawberries and more confections made right here at Silver Dollar City.

Throughout the day, you'll be entertained and amused by lively, interactive demonstrations as the Brown family shows how they make their signature brittles and fudges. While you're being entertained by "down-home" Ozark humor, don't forget to sample the candies being demonstrated!

Once you've watched the fudge making process from start to finish, decide which flavor you want to take home. There are more than a dozen different varieties available, ranging from classics like chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter to more adventurous flavors such as German chocolate and S’mores. There’s no doubt you’ll find a flavor to appease your appetite!


Flavors subject to change without notice.

Allergy Warning: Peanut products are found inside this shop.

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