Frontier Follies

Celebrating More Than 50 Years Of Rollicking Laughs & Tomfoolery

For generations, since 1973 to be exact, the lovely Saloon gals and guys alike have been creating zany comedy that pull families into the act during every performance. This year the Saloon’s owner, Bart has reached a showtime conundrum and has enlisted the likes of two vaudevillian producers, Roots and Koontz to put together a grand show. They believe that for this most special of years they have exactly what The City needs, the “Frontier Follies 50th Celebration.” Who knows, what will persist and we’re sure that there’s going to be a bit of trouble along the way...but, rest assured, there’s nothing the Saloon can’t handle!

Important notes:

  • Peanuts are sold during the show and peanut shells/dust are present throughout the venue.
  • Theatrical gunfire is used in the show.

Things To Know

4/11/2024 — 10/27/2024

Silver Dollar Saloon

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