Lockers - American Plunge

Keep your belongings safe and move them with you throughout the park all day.

Lockers are only $5 per day to access nine locations. Lockers are available for rent outside the Front Gate, Marvel Cave, Hospitality House Restrooms, American Plunge, The Giant Barn Swing, Riverfront Playhouse, Time Traveler®, PowderKeg® and Hannah's Ice Cream Parlor.

Only one location can be used at a time. Pin code will be given at time of initial purchase and will be used throughout the day. Locker must be completely emptied before moving on to the next location The park is not responsible for items left unattended.

Please note: Family-sized lockers located behind the ticket booths are not included. These all-day family-sized lockers are $8 for unlimited entries to one locker per day.

Things to Know
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