Buses and trams transport Silver Dollar City guests to the front gate. Buses and trams transport Silver Dollar City guests to the front gate.


As always, the majority of parking at Silver Dollar City is FREE! And to make your trip to the front gate even better, we have trams and buses to shuttle you from the parking lot to the ticket courtyard. 

Disabled Parking spaces are reserved for guests with a permanent or temporary disabled parking tag. Parking for guests with disabilities is located closest to the park, and also in parking lots 2 and 5, right next to the conveyance pick-up. There are a limited number of Disabled Parking spaces. When those spaces fill, you are welcome to take advantage of disabled drop-off. Just see the Parking Attendant for directions to drop a guest at the front of the park. 

You can also purchase Preferred Parking tp be closer to Silver Dollar City's front gate, allowing you to get from your car to the to get from your car to the park easily, and also gives you quick access to your vehicle throughout the day. Located at Stop 1 on the map, preferred Parking is available for both automobiles and motorcycles. Preferred Parking is only $15 (per day). Season Pass Preferred Parking is $10 (per day).

Get even close to the front gate when you purchase Premier Parking, which is just steps away from the main entrance. Premier Parking is only $50 (per day), but has limited availability.

Parking for extended vehicles including RVs, campers and vehicles pulling boat or cargo trailers is just $15 (per day) 

Printable Documents: Parking Map

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