Wilderness Road Blacksmiths

Master Craftsman Kelly Tiede

Silver Dollar City has had a longstanding love and deep respect for the blacksmith... the original craft that sparked The City's designation by the U.S. Congress as "The Home Of American Craftsmanship". Starting with The City's first blacksmith and mayor Shad Heller, the tradition comes full circle to Kelly Tiede, the current day "smithie".

Funny thing is that this uber-talented Master Craftsmen did not start out as a blacksmith. A self-proclaimed "ol' plow boy" from Great Bend, Kansas, Tiede traded fields of wheat for irons in the fire when he came to The City 15 years ago. Having a background in mechanics and welding, Kelly initially worked in the foundry and learned the trade of blacksmithing. Today, no longer a stranger to the forge, he is adamant that he wouldn't be the Master Craftsman he is without the help of his tools and those that came before him!

Tiede makes everything from BBQ and fireplace sets to railroad spike knives and even the ever-popular roses that are amazing to watch demonstrated... how something so delicate and beautiful can be transformed from metal and fire is nothing short of INCREDIBLE! Some swear that the roses not only look like an actual rose, but also carry the sweet smell. Be sure to stop by the Wilderness Road Blacksmith Shop located just off The City's Square to watch the sparks fly as Kelly crafts something extra special with nothing more than a little metal, fire and a hammer.

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3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Valley Road

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