Clara Belle's Cinnamon Bread Craftsmen

Laurel LeeMasters, Baker

Laurel LeeMasters is one of the talented hands behind Silver Dollar City’s most iconic treat, Cinnamon Bread! Laurel has only been with Silver Dollar City serving up the decadent dessert for a short while, but her history with The City goes way back. Laurel accompanies 3 of her in-laws as Citizens of Silver Dollar City and has been visiting the park since she was a kid!

The senior team at Clara Belle’s helped Laurel learn and perfect her cinnamon bread baking skills. LeeMasters loves being one of the bakers behind the bread that makes everyone smile and leaves them with memories worth repeating! Some of her favorite memories include visiting with the children that venture into the shop in Rivertown. She enjoys being able to show them the process that the bread goes through of mixing, shaping and baking to earn its icon status.

When asked what makes this place where she works so special she answered, “Silver Dollar City is a great place for folks to return to time and time again. Every year I develop new relationships and find great joy in recognizing those same families”. Check out Laurel and the team hard at work at Clara Belle’s Cinnamon Bread located in Rivertown to pick up a loaf or two… you won’t regret it!

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024


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