Hillcreek Pottery Craftsmen

Master Craftsman Jeff Walker

Jeff had been a friend to Silver DollarCity for over 14 years, as one of the park'svisiting craftsmen during the NationalHarvest Festival, before joining HillcreekPottery in December 2010.

A Craftsman In The Making

Jeff came to Silver DollarCity from Kansas City, Missouri, where heoperated his own pottery studio. He openedthe studio only five years after graduatingfrom college and began traveling to show hiswork at 30 art shows a year, includingSilver Dollar City's National HarvestFestival. Admirers from all over came toenjoy his unique line of pots. Jeff has beena member of Best of Missouri Hands, juriedartists for over 18 years, and sits on theirBoard of Directors.

The Silver Dollar City Years

As visitors walk through Hillcreek Pottery,Jeff's influence is evident. The bright redcolor on some of the pots is his signatureglaze. Glazing is a specialized skill thatincludes mixing clay with natural compounds,making each glaze different, like a recipe.

"Red is one of the most difficult glazecolors to make in pottery," Jeff says."Making sure the recipe is just right andblends with the clay the way you want it totakes time to achieve. The secret is in thefiring of the pot."

That is all Jeff will reveal about hissecret recipe for red glaze. A newly createdpie plate at Silver Dollar City includesthis beautiful color, shining in theproduction room.

"Working at Silver Dollar City is anunbelievable atmosphere," Jeff says. "Withsuch talented craftsmen there are so manydifferent opinions and skills. Anytime I aska question, I'm offered valuable input froma variety of mediums. It's a great learningenvironment."

Jeff is thrilled to have the opportunity towork with fellow established craftsmen anddevelop his skills in a positive,inspirational environment.

Interesting Extras

Jeff's style tends to be morefunctional. He enjoys making pots customerscan use in their daily lives rather thanjust as decoration. Jeff said he may spendmonths thinking of a design, but once he hasthe idea in his mind, it comes to life onthe wheel.

Things To Know

3/11/2023 — 12/30/2023


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