Phoebe Snapp's Taffy Craftsmen

Erin Reed, Taffy Craftsmen

Located right on Main Street, as you enter the park, is Phoebe Snapp's Taffy Shop featuring ongoing daily demonstrations as craftsmen like Erin Reed work the shop's antique taffy making machine.

The taffy making craftsmen have about 120 reasons to love this craft - the number of different flavors concocted at Phoebe Snapp's Taffy! From flavorful combinations such as strawberry cheesecake and mocha latte to classics like banana and blue raspberry and original tastes like the salted caramel - Outlaw Run and the shops #1 seller fiery WildFire, the talented workers love creating new flavors and combinations that have lips smackin'. While visiting, you will find Erin running the vintage taffy puller, working masterful flavors in the sticky confection and watching the faces of guests as it stretches to creamy perfection.

How did taffy make it to The City? This tasty confection appeared in the Midwest in 1880 at traveling fairs and expositions that toured the area. That same year, it became a popular treat for vacationers visiting Atlantic City's famed boardwalk, where the term "salt water taffy" was coined. The passion of the history and art of taffy making is evident in the charming shop cranking out 75,000 lbs. of the famed soft, chewy sweet treat yearly! Looking for sugar free?? We've go it! On a diet? No worries, strolling around smelling the sweet scent of nostalgia and picking through the wooden bins to help your friends find their favorites is zero calories!

Things To Know

3/9/2024 — 12/30/2024

Main Street

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