Family Raft Ride

The Greatest Adventures Lie Ahead

Embark on a NEW Family River Expedition, unlike any other in the Americas! Going to great depths to reach new heights, Mystic River Falls is an epic rafting journey where adventurous families explore Ozark waterways…only at Silver Dollar City!



Ride Facts

— Investment: Total $27 Million

  • Mystic River Falls - $23 Million
  • Rivertown Smokehouse - $4 Million

— Channel Length: 2,100 linear feet total

  • (Nearly a half-mile river journey)

— Water Capacity: Maximum water flow - 200,000 gallons per minute

— Ride Duration: Approximately 5 minutes 30 seconds  

  • (Dispatch to stop and unload)

— Vehicles: 8-person rafts | 18 rafts total

— Seat/Restraint: Latching seat belt

— Rider Height Requirement: 55"

  • Guests between 40" - 55" may ride with a supervising companion 16 years or older
  • Maximum Height: 77"

— Manufacturer: Design & Construction by

  • Silver Dollar City in partnership with R.E.S.
  • Barr Engineering
  • Herschend Family Entertainment Corporate Development

I learned to read the pages of the wonderful story written in the rocks and spaces between - the story of beginnings of a new world. S. Fred Prince I learned to read the pages of the wonderful story written in the rocks and spaces between - the story of beginnings of a new world. S. Fred Prince

Silver Dollar City’s Marvel Cave is legendary and for centuries drew explorers to her passageways with the promise of hidden riches and great adventure. In the 1880s William Lynch acquires the cave and, accompanied by his fearless daughters Miriam and Genevieve, began a tour company hiring S. Fred Prince to work for the family surveying, studying and documenting the cave’s many passages and waterways…some still hidden to this day!

A lifelong Silver Dollar City citizen with a bigger-than-life personality, Pearl Brazen grew up exploring the remote Ozarks wilderness with her best friends, the Lynch sisters. They often faced untold dangers as they searched for new discoveries, sometimes by foot and other times via water into the caverns. Perhaps the trio’s greatest adventures of their youth were the whitewater expeditions they undertook in hopes of finding the mouth of the Mystic River, a lost passageway that reportedly can only be found by braving the thunderous Mystic River Falls by raft. It’s a mystery that still captures Pearl’s imagination and one she is determined to solve.

Today, she and her husband Leo, live in an area of Silver Dollar City where the river roils at their feet, a place the locals unofficially call Rivertown. As experienced wilderness guides, it is here Pearl and Leo challenge willing adventurers, sending them on an extraordinary river raft journey tackling raging rapids, dodging boulders and squeezing through canyons to search of the hidden headwaters of the Mystic River.

Everyone has an adventurer’s heart inside them…those who follow it on this unforgettable expedition leave with lasting memories of a journey filled with mystery and intrigue, and a renewed appreciation for one of God’s greatest wonders found right here in these Ozark hills!

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