All-New Family Coaster

All-New Family Coaster

Calling all heroes - get ready to ride the ALL-NEW record-setting indoor roller coaster through the darkness to save the burning town of Marmaros from the notorious baldknobbers!

Located in the newly incorporated Fire District, FIRE IN THE HOLE doubles the size of one of The City’s most popular areas, already home to Station No. 3 firehouse and a collection of family-friendly attractions.

New Ride Features

The Heartland's Largest Indoor Coaster

3 Drops Including A Water Splashdown

State-Of-The-Art Onboard Audio

Track Length - 1,512 Feet

Ride Vehicles With 12 Passengers Per Train

Minimum Rider Height — 48"
(36" with a supervising companion)

NEW - Ride POV

The Tale of Marmaros & The Baldknobbers

Whether you’re a newbie or a legacy rider, you’ll want to understand the journey you’re going to embark on...and the account of Marmaros, the original City built above Marvel Cave. Its burning to the ground is a storied tale for sure!

The cave as we know it today is a treasured National Natural Landmark inviting guests to tour its depths with the largest cathedral room in the state of Missouri —the 3rd largest in the United States. But, it was not always called Marvel Cave...the Osage people and early settlers referred to it as The Devil’s Den because of the unknown abyss that seemed to swallow up anything that would go near. Later explorers believed it held great treasure to be mined and thus called it Marble Cave.

It was during this time period that the Marble Cave Mining and Manufacturing Co. was created with plans made for a town to support the operation. The town was called Marble City, or "Marmaros" (Greek for marble) and started to grow with a general store, one-room school, blacksmith shop, sawmill and a regular Butterfield Stagecoach stop.

No marble was ever discovered in the cave, but another rich mineral deposit—bat guano was mined until its supply was exhausted. Soon thereafter, the Marble Cave Mining and Manufacturing Co. closed and Marmaros became a ghost town. Meanwhile, a local vigilante group known as the Baldknobbers were active in the area. It is still believed to this day that they were responsible for burning the town down leaving only its foundations atop the cave!

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