NEW Digital Season Passes

Whether you're a long-time Silver Dollar City Season Pass Holder or just now joining our family, there are plently of exciting new ways to choose, purchase, store and use your 2022 passes. From new pass options to the debut of an all digital way to purchase and use your passes, it's never been more convenient to lock in your season of adventure.

Before you begin your 2022 Season Pass order, here are some important need-to-know tips to help you choose the best way to purchase and access your tickets for the 2022 season.

Set Up Account
Link Passes

1. Account Set Up

If you've purchased passes through our website before, the first new step you'll notice is our new account set up. Building your Silver Dollar City account is the key to getting access to your season passes, bring-a-friend tickets and more. It's easy and you'll be prompted to build your account when you begin your order.

Once you've created your account, you can access it at any time on the website or through the Silver Dollar City Mobile App.

Note: To ensure quick and convenient access & validation of your Season Passes it is important to include an accurrate and up-to-date phone number for each individual Season Pass Holder and be sure to make a note of the number associated with each.


2. Choosing The Right Purchase & Delivery Method

For most people, ordering Season Passes online is the quickest and easiest option and choosing the digital delivery method will work beautifully for individuals and families who will be visiting together throughout the season. Your account will house not only your Season Passes but also your Bring-a-Friend Tickets.

If you are purchasing passes for another party or multiple households, choosing the mail delivery option is the best way to separate and distribute both passes and bring-a-friend tickets among different parties. 

Note: Season Passes can be linked to additional accounts, but Bring-a-Friend Tickets will always stay within the original purchasers account.


3. Digital Passes At Your Fingertips

The Silver Dollar City Mobile App is already your perfect on-park companion with GPS-enabled wayfinding, ride wait times, show schedules, alerts and more. Now you can access your Silver Dollar City account and have your Season Passes available there, too! Your digital passes can also be added to your mobile wallet like Apple Wallet.


4. Linking Existing Passes

You now have the ability to link Season Passes to multiple accounts providing thhe flexibility to scan your Season Pass on multiple devices. In addition, if you received a printed Season Pass as a gift, you can set up your own Silver Dollar City account and link that pass to your mobile wallet.

Reminder: Bring-a-Friend Tickets may not be linked or converted to digital format after initial purchase.

Set up your account and use the "Link Existing Pass" option.


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