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Launch from 0 to 53 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds! PowderKeg® combines the shocking speed of the compressed air-launch with spiraling turns, negative gravitational or "G" forces, and "floater" hills at speeds up to 64 miles per hour! After the initial blast of speed, and 110-foot drop, riders soar through the trees over six acres on 3,500 feet of track for a truly wild ride experience.

PowderKeg salutes the miners who worked in the great Marvel Cave, which is located below the theme park.  In the late 1880s, tons of nitrogen-rich bat guano were hauled out of the cave, and transported to powder mills across the country for the production of valuable black powder. PowderKeg begins in one of these powder mills, amid barrels of nitro that rock, tip and explode, blasting riders into the wilderness!

Weather:  This ride will not be in operation with temperatures of 40 degrees or less.

Please Note: A test seat is available at the front of the ride entrance so you may determine if you meet the seating requirements.

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