The Flooded Mine

The warden needs your help! The county prison mine is flooding, and some of the prisoners are trying to escape! Climb into ore carts as the water carries you through the flooded mine shafts, past jack hammers, pump stations, mine explosions and even sleeping guards.

A signature Silver Dollar City ride, kids of all ages enjoy this indoor float-through family attraction. Get your pistol ready to take aim at targets along the way! Hit the bull's eye to ring the bell, blow the whistle, and compete for points with arcade-style shoot-out fun.

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This signature Silver Dollar City indoor roller coaster is a family favorite, offering high-speed drops and thrilling surprises around every corner.

Hugo's Hill Street

At Least 48"

  • Guests at least 36" may ride with a supervising companion

Grandfather's Mansion

Silver Dollar City's house full of fun! You'll laugh your way through mystifying rooms with slanting floors, mirrored walls and dizzying effects that will turn your world upside down!




Thunderation, the classic wooden Silver Dollar City roller coaster travels through the Ozarks up to 48 mph.

Valley Road

At Least 48"

  • Guests at least 42" may ride with a supervising companion