Unlimited visits in 2019. Less than the cost of two one-day tickets.

Get unlimited adventure and endless entertainment all year long with a 2019 Season Pass! Experience something new every season during The Year Of Shows & Festivals, featuring larger-than-life shows and all-new festival fun to please every member of your family. Plus, explore over 40 rides & attractions and so much more.






Add on unlimited visits to White Water for the price of a one-day ticket!



Explore 13 acres of waves, rides & slides as you splash through 2 million gallons of fun!




Unlimited visits. Less than the cost of two one-day tickets.


Order by January 2 for the lowest price of the season and most guest voucher value!


Get free refills at Silver Dollar City and White Water with this VIP tumbler.


Get unlimited FREE fountain and specialty drink refills at Silver Dollar City and White Water all season long!


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Blaze to the front of the line on your favorite attractions with the Trailblazer Season Pass!

Trailblazer Season Pass

Blaze to the front of the line unlimited times all season long on select Silver Dollar City rides — including Time Traveler®!


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Add on a digital photo card to your Season Pass!

Unlimited Photo Card

Enjoy unlimited digital downloads of the photos taken at select rides and photo spots throughout Silver Dollar City.


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Our Easy2Play® monthly payment program allows you to spread the cost of your Season Pass over six monthly payments with no financing fees. This program is valid for Silver Dollar City, White Water, and 2-Park Season Passes as well as for time and money saving add-ons including Preferred Parking, VIP Free Refill Tumblers, TrailBlazer Season Passes and Unlimited Photo Cards.

The Easy2Play® program is available exclusively for online purchases.

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See all the benefits of being a Season Pass Holder!

See all the benefits of being a Season Pass Holder!

Plus, enjoy exclusive savings at other Silver Dollar City Attractions, Branson Area hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues along with other parks and attractions nationwide.




Guest vouchers are our way of saying thank you for purchasing your 2019 season pass early! Each season pass comes with its own set of guest vouchers that allow a pass holder to bring a guest with them at select times of the year! See the current guest voucher details below.

Bring your friends on select days with bonus Season Pass guest vouchers!

Order by January 2 for the most guest vouchers!

Silver Dollar City Season Pass

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2-Park Season Pass

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Season Pass Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine what type of pass I need?

You just have to know your age! Children turning 4 anytime during 2019 will need a pass. All children turning 12 before July 1 will need a pass for those ages 12-64. Those turning 65 anytime during 2019 will qualify for an ages 65+ pass.

Can the guest vouchers that come with an Ages 4-11 season pass be used for a guest who is Age 12+?

Yes, guest vouchers are not age specific.

I purchased a parking pass with my season pass. There will be times when I cannot visit the park, but I would like for my family to utilize the parking pass. Is this acceptable?

Yes, you may provide the Season Pass with the parking entitlements to another individual in the immediate family that also has a Season Pass from the same order.

Can my unused 2018 Season Pass be upgraded to a 2019 Season Pass?

You may roll your unused 2018 Season Pass over to a 2019 Season Pass for a nominal fee and the difference between the original purchase rate and current rate. Please note that all guest vouchers must be returned unused in order to qualify for a rollover upgrade. This option is available one time within a five year period to our guests. This is currently only available through December 11, 2018. Please call our Reservation Center at 800-831-4386 for details. Additional restrictions may apply.

When can I use my 2019 Silver Dollar City Season Pass?

2019 Silver Dollar City Season Passes are valid for unlimited visits during operating days for the entire 2019 season, March 13, 2019 -January 1, 2020. They are not valid for visits during the remainder of the 2018 season.

Are 2018 Season Passes Still available for purchase?

Yes. At less than the cost of 2 one-day admission tickets, 2018 Season Passes are still a great value. They are valid for unlimited visits through January 1, 2019. At this time 2018 Season Passes are available for purchase exclusively at Silver Dollar City’s Front Gate.


Have questions about how to split the cost of your Season Pass into six payments? Click the "+" icon to learn more about our payment plan.

Easy2Play® Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a Season Pass with the Easy2Play® payment plan?

The Easy2Play six-payment plan is available online only. Simply make your selections, choose the Easy2Play payment option, and follow the step-by-step ordering instructions. At the time of purchase, the total amount due is calculated and divided into 6 monthly payments. You are required to make your first payment at the time of purchase, and the 1st payment will include the $6.00 processing fee per pass. The Initial Payment amount will be charged to your Credit Card and each remaining monthly payment amount will be charged to your Credit Card every 30 days thereafter for each of the next five (5) succeeding months*. The Initial Payment and all remaining monthly payments are non-refundable.

Please note: if you purchase on the first day of any month that has 31 days, your card will be charged on the 1st and the 31st. Please review the term agreement for more details.

When will I receive my pass?

All season pass orders are mailed first class using the U.S. Postal Service. Please allow 7 business days for delivery March through November and up to 10 business days December through February. At this time there are no additional charges for standard mailing.

When can I begin using my pass?

You can start using your pass for visits as soon as the 2019 operating season begins (March 13, 2019) while continuing to make your monthly payments.

How much will my monthly payments be?

Your payments will be determined by the type and quantity of passes and add-ons you order. Your order total will be divided into six payments. Please review the terms of the program for more details.

Will I receive the same price and benefits as passes purchased in full?

Yes! You will receive all of the great benefits that Season Passes offer, including the current guest voucher offer.

What happens if my credit card is declined on one of the monthly payment dates?

In the event a payment is not initially accepted by your Credit Card, we will attempt to charge the payment against the Credit Card a maximum of three (3) times over the 6 calendar days. We are not responsible for any fees you may incur from the attempts to charge your Credit Card.

Can I pay more at the time of purchase so that my monthly payments are lower?

All payment amounts are pre-determined, and only the first payment amount is accepted as a down payment at time of purchase. You may call 800.622.2504 to make additional payments or to pay off your account balance.

Can I change my credit or debit card during the payment period?

Yes. You may change your credit or debit card used for payment by calling 800-622-2504. It is very important that you call this number and provide us with this update if your card expires or you are issued a new card during the payment period.

Can I purchase season passes using the Easy2Play Payment Plan by phone?

At this time, The Easy2Play Payment Plan is available for online purchases but you may call our reservation office (800-622-2504) for assistance as needed. Our call center hours vary by season, but in most cases we will be open minimal hours from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. CST, seven days a week.

Can I change or postpone my bill date?

No, the bill date established at the time you set up your payment plan agreement cannot be changed.

Can I cancel my Easy2Play account before my payment period is complete?

All purchases are final and the purchase may not be cancelled or rescinded; no refund will be issued. If you have not used a season pass, you may cancel future payments not yet made but you may not receive a refund on any payments made.

Can I remove/transfer one of the pass holders from my Easy2Play Payment Plan?

No. All passes purchased under one agreement remain the responsibility of the person who originally set up the payment plan. Season passes are non-transferable.




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