Master Pumpkin Carver Barry Brown

Artist Barry Brown carves pumpkins with intricate designs — unlike any you’ve ever seen before.

His one-of-a-kind creations have been featured in shows like Today, Good Morning America, The Tonight Show and many other movies, magazines and attractions. This fall, head to the all-new Pumpkin Courtyard and watch live demonstrations as this master carver creates his latest work of art.

Check the daily show schedule to see demonstration times during your visit.

Meet Nationally-Recognized Master Pumpkin Carver

Known for his masterful pumpkin carving technique featuring lifelike animals, detailed landscapes and iconic faces, Barry Brown’s love of carving pumpkins began as a small child. Hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Brown’s first carvings were more than just simple triangles in orange gourds. It was his use of paper cutouts on the pumpkin’s surface creating a unique three-dimensional look.

Later, as a young man, Brown entered a pumpkin carving contest, sponsored by a store-shelf pumpkin kit, in hopes of winning the grand prize. While very close year one, year two Brown took home the blue ribbon grand prize.

From then on, Brown began working in the pumpkin carving industry as a graphic artist, packaging designer and even instruction writer for popular pumpkin carving kits.

Brown’s decades of experience and tens of thousands of hours of carving are reflected in his pumpkin creations featured in displays worldwide, in movies, such as Hocus Pocus, and on television, including Good Morning America, TODAY, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Home Improvement.

Impressive by day and shining bright by night, hundreds of Barry’s custom-designed pumpkins can be found throughout the streets of Silver Dollar City during this all-new festival.

Stop by the Pumpkin Courtyard outside Red Gold Heritage Hall to visit with this nationally-recognized Master Pumpkin Carver.


Things To Know

9/15/2023 — 10/28/2023

Red Gold Courtyard

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