The Grand Finale Of Fire In The Hole

Final Year

The Grand Finale Of Fire In The Hole

Calling all riders, park fans and fanatics and Fire In The Hole aficionados...THE WORLD’S MOST HISTORIC INDOOR ROLLER COASTER will take its final rides through the iconic burning town of Marmaros during the 2023 season. It’s your last chance to squeal in delight as you plummet through the darkness and scream “FIRE—IN—THE—HOLE!”

Built half-a-century ago, the legendary coaster has ushered over 25 million guests onboard and now is the time to add yourself and your loved ones into the final count of riders. “Today’s riders include grandparents who remember riding when they were kids and now they share the fun with their grandkids!” said Brad Thomas, president of Silver Dollar City. And, this year we are asking you to come share in the fun so that you can say you were a part of Fire In The Hole’s history.

With fire brigade-like trains that call to volunteers to join in the twisting and turning journey catching the bad guys and saving the citizens, the ride’s storyline is based on the real-life town of Marmaros that was set ablaze by the infamous gang of Baldknobbers. Onboard you’ll meet townsfolk like Red Flanders wearing only his signature red long johns at the hotel or the tavern owner making a hasty getaway out the swinging front doors. And, along the way you’ll catch glimpses of the notorious Baldknobbers causing all the trouble. Not to mention, traveling over the burning Kinney Bridge or nearly getting hit by the train coming down the tracks before dropping through a splash down all in an effort to extinguish the flames!


Get Ready To Ride Facts



Min. Height: 48” (36” With Supervising Companion)
Ride Duration: Just over 3 minutes
Track Length: 1520 feet
Trains: 5, carrying 12 passengers each
The Tale Of Marmaros & Baldknobbers

The Tale Of Marmaros & Baldknobbers

History is a long and winding road...and the account of Marmaros, the original City built above Marvel Cave, and its burning to the ground is a storied tale for sure!

The cave as we know it today is a treasured national landmark that invites guests to tour its depths with the largest cathedral room in the state of Missouri, the 3rd largest in the United States. But, it was not always called Marvel Cave...the Osage people and early settlers referred to it as The Devil’s Den because of the unknown abyss that seemed to swallow up anything that would come near. Later explorers believed that it held great treasure to be mined and thus called it Marble Cave.

It was during this time period that the Marble Cave Mining and Manufacturing Co. was created and plans made for a town to support the operation. The town was called Marble City or Marmaros (the Greek word for marble) and started to grow with a general store, one room school, blacksmith shop, sawmill and a regular Butterfield Stage Coach stop.

No marble was ever discovered in the cave, but another rich mineral deposit—bat guano was mined until its supply was exhausted. Soon thereafter, the Marble Cave Mining and Manufacturing Co. closed its doors and Marmaros became a ghost town. During this same time, a local vigilante group known as the Baldknobbers were active in the area and, it is still believed to this day, that they were responsible for burning the town down leaving only its foundations atop the cave!

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Make the most of Fire In The Hole's Grand Finale with UNLIMITED VISITS during the 2023 season. A variety of pass options are available including All-Season TrailBlazer Access so you can experience the legend time and time again! Hurry - Payment Plan Goes Away After June 23!

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Volunteers Needed

Help Find Red Flanders' Pants

Did you know that Red Flanders from Fire In The Hole has been hanging out the upstairs window of the Hotel in his classic “red” long johns since ’72? It's been well over 50 years since this poor gentleman has seen his trousers. We are on a mission to find Red’s pants during this grand finale year of the original iconic ride and need your help…you might even get rewarded!

Visit the NEW Pathfinder stand located on The City's Square during your next visit and learn how you can join the search party!

Just Announced

Record-Setting Family Coaster Debuts Next Spring

Silver Dollar City announces the new groundbreaking $30 million FIRE IN THE HOLE indoor family roller coaster, the largest in the Midwest. Opening in spring ’24, the highly anticipated attraction joins the park’s lineup of revolutionary rides.

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