Demonstrating Craftsmen

What makes Silver Dollar City so unique? While the scenery, rides, food and atmosphere are all distinct, what really sets us apart are our demonstrating craftsmen. The effortless skill that these artisans display is breathtaking and worth the price of admission alone. Where else can you watch a woodworker carve life-like wooden figures or see a glassblower create delicate works of art or a candy maker craft incredible edibles right before your eyes?

Silver Dollar City specializes in entertainment but we also love to offer educational opportunities and capture our visitors' imaginations, and our live craft demonstrations do just that. It's wonderful watching children realize that glass pitchers, cutting boards, leather goods and ceramic pots don't just come from the store - they're handcrafted from raw materials by skilled artisans.

Silver Dollar City visitors can purchase the products made in these public demonstrations in shops throughout the park. Take home a bit of the creativity and pioneering spirit that makes America (and Silver Dollar City) so wonderful.


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